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Old-fashioned vegetables, grown by hand on our farm… We grow organic heirloom vegetables, guaranteed fresh & pesticide, GMO free. All varieties below are heirloom unless otherwise noted.

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Tomatoes An open-pollinated (non-hybrid) heirloom cultivar of tomato. Heirloom tomatoes have become increasingly popular in recent years.
Yellow Pear Tomatoes These miniature pear-shaped tomatoes can be two inches long and clear yellow in color. They are delightfully sweet, considered by many as ‘garden candy’.
Potatoes Right now, we have potatoes with red skin & yellow flesh. There are several different varieties of heirloom potatoes with distinctly different flavors. We grow 11 varieties.
Corn Heirloom corn brings back that lost rich & gratifying taste that you love, without being over-sweet.
Swiss Chard An exceptionally versatile heirloom chard.
Bull’s Blood Beets Grown primarily for striking dark red-purple leaves that provide incredible contrast in salad mixes and also have a tender, sweet flavor. Roots are also tasty and tender.
Chioggia Beets A spectacular candy-striped beet brought to the U.S. from Italy in the 1840’s. Alternating rings of pink and white are unique and beautiful, making this variety a popular choice.
Yellow Carrots Heirloom carrots can be used in all of your carrot recipes.
Jalapeno Peppers 2-3″ dark green thick walled hot peppers that turn bright red as they age. Great eaten raw, pickled, or smoked to make chipotle.
Bell Peppers The archetypical bell pepper, tender, sweet and juicy, without a trace of pungency.
Anaheim Peppers A heavy-yielding mild variety New Mexican chile pepper that produces 6-7″ long peppers with medium-range heat. It is excellent fresh, dried, pickled, in stews, and in green chile sauce.
Sheepnose Pimento Sweet Peppers 3-4″ fruits are sweet & meaty making them ideal for canning, freezing and eating fresh.
Chocolate Peppers Dark, shiny green fruits ripen to a rich chocolate brown. Excellent sweet flavor when fully ripe and average flavor when green.
Cantaloupe This heirloom cantaloupe has 3 – 4 lb. fruit. The flesh is deep salmon color. Sweet and smooth flavor.
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