students1We believe learning is not effective as an instant message (or sound bite) compared to the busy media landscape of today’s youth. We will create a collection of educational experiences that enhance the understanding of children’s and adults’ relationships to the natural world and to each other. This will generate new awareness of other living organisms (without which we would not survive) and develop critical thinking and investigative skills that will broaden knowledge and develop life-long learning. Ongoing programs that build upon important lessons rather than a single experience allow for preparation of well-rounded students who can learn the valuable lesson of interdependence and become effective as future decision makers.

Our Children’s Garden, coupled with focus on ecological activities, will bring awareness to young Kids Workingchildren and create an understanding of their connection to the natural landscape and to their food. Students of all ages will develop a greater understanding of natural systems through programs appropriate for them, which will enhance their understanding of ecology, biology, and how their food is grown. We expect these programs to foster a desire for participants to learn throughout their lives and to generate respect for the earth and their connection to it.

Greenhouse WorkingCooking lessons, habitat restoration, and classes for adults are in the planning stage. Cultural activities that include music, storytelling and other wholesome and fun activities are being planned for families and other groups in different seasons.

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