Continuous, sustainable, organic lettuceWe have created a working model of year-round local sustainable agriculture using Controlled Environment Agriculture greenhouse technologies, including aquaculture.

Objective: To create local food security, food safety, and reduce dependence on carbon based fuels by using renewable and locally produced sustainable clean energy.

This will be achieved by three systems:Winter, greenhouses

Economical – The ability to grow a variety of food items in the winter that are usually imported and shipped thousands of miles will help small farms to increase their local market share and income, keep money circulating within the community and contribute to a sustainable economy.

Ecological – Eliminating the use of fossil fuel fertilizers and herbicides, along with composting, recycling waste, and use of natural materials will enhance soil fertility, improve biodiversity, and ecological integrity. This will encourage healthy food consumption and foster greater understanding of the interconnections in all natural systems.Exhaust

***Reducing the use of fossil fuels to transport food thousands of miles will contribute to global ecological sustainability and decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

Equitable – As people from different backgrounds and communities choose to apply the concepts that are appropriate for them, they will have the ability to create an ecologically sustainable food producing system of year-round local food production for personal or commercial use.

JeanSmall farm overhead will decrease and profits will increase from the ability to produce food year-round, thus ultimately generating a healthy, local, equitably sustainable community and local farms that remain as working farms that support the farmers.

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