Geothermal SystemsGeothermal Systems Heating and coolinggreenhouses and buildings consume large amounts of energy; a factor where their cost can be prohibitive for greenhouse climate management. Geothermal system’s pumps provide winter heating and summer cooling, especially important in greenhouse food production in the the northeast climate. After initial installation, consume no energy.

Solar ThermalSolar Thermal Water absorbs heat slowly but holds it to release slowly as well. Aquaculture and hydroponics as food growing methods increase temperatures in the greenhouse enough to maintain ambient food production conditions. Protein production by growing fish in the greenhouse will also sequester carbon and contribute to the fertilization of other crops.

AlgaeLocal Energy Production We have designed a solar photo bioreactor to grow algae for the production of biodiesel. Using algae as a feedstock for biodiesel conserves water and land tranditionally used for food production. It is also sustainable and sequesters carbon dioxide. Including local food production is important to our model of sustainability. Local production of biodiesel decentralizes fuel production and enhances its potential for use in local transportation, heating, and other operating energy needs.

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