What's New!

We are planting heirloom seeds for this year's garden and installing new exhaust fans and vents in the greenhouses.
Mission Statement

  • To grow clean, healthy, beautiful and delicous heirloom vegetables on our farm from heirloom, organic seeds.

  • To teach the concepts of interdependence of all living systems.

  • To integrate the understanding that one organism’s waste is another’s food.

  • To protect water, soil, people, community, health and local farming.

  • To use clean renewable energy,  collect and recycle rain water and practice sound ecological methods that restore soil, water sources and other natural systems.

  •  To integrate and preserve places for wildlife. 

Happy Bee Heirloom farm is an unique educational project that produces chemical free local produce year around. Located in Aurelius just west of Auburn this effort on 30 acres of former cornfield, it is creating a model for profitable intensive sustainable agriculture and wildlife habitat restoration. The heart of Happy Bee's effort is three energy efficient green houses where winter greens, herbs and tomatoes are being grown. Seasonal market gardens supply warm weather foods.
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